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Home Gas CC is registered with the Commisioner of Companies & Intellectual Property Commission during the Covid-19 lock down period.

=== Gas Installations and Gas Services ===      

=== Commercial and Residential properties ===      

Home Gas CC is based in Pretoria and mainly focuses on LP (Liquid Petroleum) gas installations and gas services or gas repairs of Gas Stoves, Gas Grillers, Gas Braais, Gas Hobs, Gas Fireplaces, Gas Geysers and Patio Heaters. However, the company also do fitment of Electrical Stoves, Electrical Ovens, Extractors, Electrical Hobs etc. Background below:

Company Profile

Willie Viljoen started off his career as a mechanic on Earth Moving Equipment. From there he moved to the Motor Vehicle Industry where he initially started as a Qualified Motor Mechanic, then progressed to 'Workshop Manager' at Hyundai and later became 'Used Car Workshop Manager' at Volkswagen.

In 2005 he made a career change and qualified as an LP Gas Installer. License Number SA QCC 499 applies for both Residential and Commercial properties. Thereafter he bought Home Gas CC from a previous owner and since then built up a solid customer base. He makes a point to contact all his clients on a yearly basis to service their gas lines, to ensure that the installation still complies to the specifications on the gas certificate. During the yearly service, the installation is inspected for possible gas leaks and certain parts are replaced where necessary. A new legit certificate will be issued every 5 years, provided that the gas line is being serviced to specification.

Home Gas CC takes pride in an extremely neat and perfect finish, and would never jeopardise the safety of its clients. It is of great importantance to be on time, for both quotations and installations. Home Gas CC will advise clients if a gas installation is not feasible and suggest alternatives to suit their needs. Options will also be discussed to have the maximum benefit of saving energy using gas appliances.

Home Gas CC recently completed a new gas installation in the kitchen of 2 of South Africa's luxurious Blue Trains. Pictures taken during the installation can be viewed in the Gallery.

Home Gas CC is not only a gas fitter but also involved with other electricity saving schemas. For example, Willie saved BMW and Mini Cooper electricity by installing LED lights at their premises in Pretoria, at BMW - "Zambezi Auto" and Mini Cooper - "Legends@Zambezi".

To read more and view a couple of pictures of their brand new showrooms, please click on [Interesting].


Install the following appliances:

- Gas installation and Gas Service or Gas Repairs of all LP Gas appliances:

  • Stoves
  • Hobs
  • Braais
  • Gas Grillers
  • Boiling Tables
  • Gas Geysers
  • Fireplaces
  • Patio Heaters

- Fitment of following Electrical Appliances:

  • Extractor fans
  • Stoves
  • Ovens
  • Hobs

At the following premises:

  • Houses
  • Restaurants
  • Game Farms
  • Shopping Malls
  • Blue Train

Maintenance contracts on Gas Installations:

Home Gas CC also issue maintenance contracts for Gas Installations done by Home Gas CC. The client will be contacted on a yearly basis, and a new certificate will be issued every five years. It is advisable that all gas lines are serviced once a year. Gas services are not only for your own safety, but is also a prerequisite for insurance purposes.

Custom made products:

  • Stainless steel gas griller cabinets
  • Stainless steel frames around fireplaces or hobs
  • Wood and/or steel balustrades
  • Coffee tables or bar stools
  • Unique wooden products like mirror or picture frames, Hi-Fi remote control boxes, wine bottle stands etc.

Other Skills:

Home Gas CC has other skills, although it is not the main focus of the business. A complete kitchen and living room was renovated and the entire interior was redesigned and implemented to perfection.

In the Gallery, under the following link: "Before and After" you will find pictures of this complete renovated kitchen and lounge area. The renovations included replacing the cornice of the ceilings, tiling, installation of the cupboards, the basin, all electrical appliances, wiring for lights, relocating wall plugs, plumbing and painting the walls and ceiling. In this kitchen it was also necessary to break down and rebuild some of the walls. In addition, an energy saving geyser control panel, which regulates the intervals when the geyser switches on and off, was installed.

There are also pictures of a uniqe custom made solid wood braai and entertainment area designend and fitted with a gas griller, with handy drawers and cupboards. The extractor fan must still be fitted and the wood will be plated with stainless steel and red copper plates. New pictures will be posted when the project is finished.



freestanding gas stove freestanding gas oven

 Hobs and Ovens

stainless steel gas hob glass top gas hob and electrical oven

 Gas Grillers

gas griller gas griller

 Boiling Tables

table mounted gas boiling table free standing gas boiling table

 Gas Geysers

gas geyser gas geyser flue cap


gas fire place gas fireplace freestanding no vent gas fireplace gas fireplace flatbedded gas fireplace gas fireplace

 Extractor Fans

extractor fan with flu extractor fan

 Pipes and Gages

gas piping gas pipe and gas cage gas line gas pipe manifold and high pressure gas gage

 Cages and Cylinders

gas cage and gas cilinders high pressure gas manifold system

 Blue Train Kitchen Gas Installation

blue train blue train

 Custom Made Steel & Wood

custom made stainless steel griller cabinet custom made stainless steel griller cabinet with backlight oak bar stools, glass and oak coffee table and kiaat picture frame sleeper wood hi fi shelves wooden balustrade floating sleeper shelve and kiaat remote control box

 Kitchen: Before & After

house renovations kitchen during renovation kitchen during renovation kitchen during renovation kitchen after renovation kitchen after renovation

 Living Room: Before & After

living room renovations living room renovations living room renovations doors living room renovations frame living room after renovations

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can copper plumbing pipes be used for gas installations?

No, only class-one or higher grade copper can be used. Copper plumbing pipes has a grade zero classification.

  • Why don't you use copper tubing?

Class-one copper tubing is very expensive and the bi-monthly price changes complicate the quotations. In addition there is the well known problem in SA where copper are stolen from sites, causing a set-back during installation.

  • Why must a client arrange for their gas bottles to be delivered to their site, 24hrs before the day of installation?

The gas cylinders must be on site to prevent delaying the gas installation. The gas is used for adjusting the gas pressure and simmers of the burners on the day of installation. If it is not available, an additional call-fee and labour will be added to the quotation.

  • Why is it required for a gas installer to be certified?

The law requires an installer to be certified to make the installation legal.

  • Why are installations dangerous and illegal if done by installers without certification?

An installer must be certified to prevent potential injuries and to eliminate possible disputes during an insurance claim. Unqualified installers must be avoided by all means!

  • Why can't Home Gas CC certify installations done by an unqualified person?
    • The Law requires a person to be a certified installer for all fixed installations.
    • The person who issues the certification takes responsibility for the installation to ensure it is according to law.
    • When someone else did the installation, it is not always possible to see if every portion of the installation adheres to requirements set by law. For example, some pipes are embedded in concrete and soil, making it difficult, if not impossible to check whether every portion is legal and save.
  • May gas cylinders be installed indoors?

Gas cylinders in use may be installed indoors or outside, as long it complies with the law.

  • What does LP Gas stand for?

Liquid Petroleum Gas.

  • Is Home Gas CC available for emergency call-outs should my appliance stop working and I am in desperate need for help?

Yes, a call-out fee is charged with an hourly rate for emergencies on installations done by Home Gas CC or any other legal installations where all pipes are visible. To avoid emergencies, Home Gas CC services its installations yearly. However, the law states that a new certificate must be issued for installations not done by Home Gas CC which will increase the call-out cost.

  • Are installations done only in Pretoria?

All quotations are for free in Pretoria although installations can be done in Pretoria, Midrand, Bronkhorstspruit, Bela Bela and Brits. Any other area can be discussed with the owner of Home Gas CC.

  • Why can't a telephonic quotation be provided?

The law states where the cylinders can be placed. The exact position can only be determined once the site is evaluated in person. Every installation is unique; therefore a quotation cannot be done over the phone. In addition, some installations require a custom made gas cage, which can only be determined at the site.

  • Is it true that the warranty on appliances expires if a non-certified installer does the gas installation?

Yes, if a non-certified installation was done and it is found that the appliance is faulty, the appliance will not be covered under the warranty, i.e. the warranty expires with immediate effect.

  • What happens if the fire department discovers that an illegal gas installation was done by a non-certified installer?

The fire department will give the owner of the premises a warning. If not certified within two weeks, it can result in legal action.


The following builders can be contacted regarding the quality of Home Gas CC installations:

Italo:  +27 82 920 1212
Maurice:  +27 82 319 8815
Lourens:  +27 82 805 9998
Louisa:  +27 82 448 2215


Willie Viljoen

Cell:  +27 82 789 2083
E-mail:  info@homegas.co.za

 Quotations are free in Pretoria!

Interesting Reading

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Home Gas CC saved BMW and Mini Cooper electricity by assisting SA Greenlight to install LED lights at their premises at BMW - "Zambezi Auto" and Mini Cooper - "Legends@Zambezi".

Home Gas CC designed, manufactured and installed some of the light fittings at Mini Cooper to cater for specific needs. To modernise the overall look at Mini Cooper, Home Gas CC also modified some existing light fittings to fit LED light bulbs. Certain areas, like the tearoom, were furbished with attractive colourful filters to change the overall atmosphere of the room to a warm green, which were complimented by playfull pictures against the wall.

At BMW, the main showroom was given that final touch with a stylish blue filter over the LED lights at the length of the complete display area as in the pictures below:

 Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper LED lights Mini Cooper LED tube lights Mini Cooper LED lights Mini Cooper LED lights


BMW LED spotlights BMW LED lights BMW showroom